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  1. Hi Don, I followed you and corresponded with you for quite a while. I am slowly easing back into trading and Pyrapoint was the first tool I’m trying to employ. I am glad to see this site on the internet. Continued success to you and best wished for a happy holiday season/Merry Christmas!, John

    • My sincere apoloies!! We hae been in procss of an xpansion wherein we will be represented by Ensign as in the past, but will add MB Trading platform. Admittedly it has been a bigger undetaking than we thought, but we are about there. Meantime we offer our mailing list that covers most questions—also FREE.
      If we can deserve your forgiveness for our unintentional delay in answering, I do feel that yo wil find this more advanced than most that you have seen on today’s platforms…..Don
      We hope to see you!

    • Gordon, I am in midst of apologies for delay—we are expanding — keeping Ensign, bu t ading MB Trading with new code refinements and addtions. Meantime please join our mailing at pyrapoint1@earthlink.net and we look forward to getting the total program to you VERY soon….FREE as well…

    • Gordon,we are inprocess of expansion to include MB Trading into our programming. Apologies for the delay . This should be te quarter for our big step—just hope you can forgivce our unintentional delay. Meantime, hopefuly pyrapoint1@earthlink.net will take care of immediate needs Believe you’ll really lke the new program.

    • My apologies! We have been in a transition this quarter. We are up-dating our newsletter/charts program. They are still FREE.
      If you can forgive our unintentional “neglect”, we’d be happy to share our new program. We believe that you will find it different than anything that is on the trading platforms today With your permission, we’ll add you to the mailing list immediately..

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